118183Same as coal and petroleum, stone is a non-renewable resources too generated during the changes of earth crust. Cognizing our affect on the Earth and to maintain the natural ecology, Kema Stone is devoting herself to save and make maximal use of the stone resources with her philosophy of low-carbon green and sustainable development.

Our thin stone panels greatly save the stone mineral resources and also change the application areas of traditional solid stone. In the meantime it improves much of the installation efficiency and lowers the installation cost. Take 30mm solid stone for example, the thickness of our ultrathin stone is only in 2-3mm that not only saves the material of stone, but also reduces the building load and so lowers greatly the architectural integrated cost as the weight is only 1/10 of solid stone. If the thin stone is used indoor, it also will save the architectural space well. For stone products, Kema Stone aims to provide safer, easy to install, more insulated and cost effective methods of construction.

Kema Stone keeps developing the new technology that pushes the thinness of stone to a new extreme and makes it possible to creatively combine with other building materials, which endow the stone with new characters and expand its use value. We believe our state-of-the-art technology will revolutionize the stone industry and lead the future standards of building.

Kema Stone will pay more attention to philosophy and technology than buying the stone resources.