A harmonious development of the society, economy and environment are a natural platform of existence for Kema Stone. With the responsible ethos of sustainable development, Kema Stone focuses on high-quality low-carbon green stone that benefits our clients, the environment and future generations. Our creative and advanced technology makes it more efficient to use of stone resources and protect the environment.



Kema Stone-Thin Stone-Green Stone


1. Mining and Manufacturing

  • Reduce stone mining
  • Less consumption of materials
  • Stone leftover recycled and reused

2. Packing

  • Reduce the use of wooden cases
  • Reduce the procedure of fumigation and cost

3. Transport

  • Reduce the energy consumption of transport

4. Construction

  •  Reduce the man power and construction materials
  •  Less waste production
  •  Safe and quick for installation and reduce the impact to human and environment

5. Use

  • Easy maintain
  • Long service life
  • Easy replacement

6. Demolition

  • Reduce the energy consumption of demolition
  • Building materials recycled.