Structure: Stone + Aluminum/Fiberglass Honeycomb
Surface: Granite,Marble,Travertine,Limestone,Sandstone
Backing: Al. Honeycomb with Fiberglass Reinforced
Stone Thickness: 0.5-5mm (polished), 5-7mm (flamed)
Al-Fb-Honeycomb Thickness: 5-50mm
Max. Sizes: 5'*10' (152.5cm*305cm)
Weight Reference: 3.7pounds/sq.ft (16kg/sq.m) - overall thickness 20mm
Surface Finish: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Brushed & Sandblasted

ThinStone-AF consists of natural thin stone veneer layered upon a strong aluminum honeycomb backing. The honeycomb panels are fabricated from two sheets of impervious high strength fiberglass reinforcement between the stone veneer and the aluminum honeycomb, coupled with an epoxy skin backing to the honeycomb panels.

Designing and building using traditional load-bearing blocks is not only the “old” way of stone cladding but also cost prohibitive when considered for most modern buildings today. Thinstone-AF installations are much more cost effective than conventional dimensional stone panels. A lightweight stone installation crew can typically install 25 to 50 panels in a single day.

By comparison, a typical dimensional stone crew may only be able to install 5 to 8 stone blocks of the same size in a single day. ThinStone-AF does not require mortar or the need to wait for expansion and/or contraction to substrate.  Whereas conventional stone panel installations can incur costly delays due to inclement weather, installation of ThinStone-AF can be installed in all weather conditions.

The stone veneer found on ThinStone-AF panels does not exert any pressure on their honeycomb back panels. As a result, our lightweight stone panel systems do not experience the stability failures that dimensional stone cladding systems are prone to.

ThinStone-AF is very flexible and can move with structures making them invaluable in regions prone to hurricanes or earthquakes. Dimensional stone cladding is brittle, has a low flexural rating and carries less resistance.

ThinStone-AF alleviates the concern with traditional solid stone that the stone can warp from cutting and temperature fluctuations.

ThinStone-AF is impenetrable to any water penetration, even with open structured stones, such as travertine and limestone, due to its two layers of impervious high strength fiber reinforcements between the stone veneer and the aluminum honeycomb.  The fiberglass-reinforced epoxy skin backing of ThinStone-AF, directly behind the stone, provides an additional weatherproof barrier that doesn’t exist with a solid porous stone cladding system.

ThinStone-AF has implemented a very stringent testing program to authenticate universal and unrestricted use of ThinStone-AF panels on exterior walls of Type I, II, III, IV, and V construction. Our panels have been tested for overall durability in zones that are prone to tropical storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes.


  • High quality, lightweight, smooth, and extremely strong.
  • Impart ease of installation and make it suitable for multi-story buildings as exterior wall panels and/ or interior wall applications.
  • Have 60 times the impact resistances of solid hard surface panels.
  • Offer a high quality cladding solution.
  • Weigh 80% less than 30mm hard surface panels.
  • Bond has been tested to wind speeds of over 400 mph.
  • Impervious to moisture penetration thus  minimizing mold and mildew concerns.
  • Engineered for superior sound attenuation and heat insulation.
  • Anti-impact, fire-resistant, and chemical corrosion resistant.
  • Skid and graffiti resistant
  • Engineered to be flexible and will move with structures making them invaluable in regions prone to hurricanes or earthquakes.


  • ThinStone-AF is made of 65% post-consumer recycled content, our ultra-thin and light weight panels give you the advantage of savings in both material and construction labor cost for your projects. Lighter walls and floors mean less support required from the structural substrate.
  • ThinStone-AF uses less than 50% of the resources that natural stone does to construct the same square footage which greatly reduces the environmental impact as well as resources lost from quarrying.
  • ThinStone-AF offers durability, reduced energy costs from better insulation of the wall system and space savings while lowering transportation costs in comparison with traditional stone cladding systems or other building materials. These characteristics meet many of the requirements and goals of sustainable building design.


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