Structure: Stone + Glass
Surface: Onyx, Marble and Granite
Backing: Normal Glass, Ultrawhite Glass & Tempered Glass
Stone Thickness: 5mm(onyx), 1.5-2mm(marble and granite)
Glass Thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm & 15mm
Max. Sizes: 3.3'*6.6' (100cm*200cm)
Weight Reference: 7.80pounds/sq. ft (38kgs/sq. m)-onyx 5mm+glass 10mm
6.35pounds/sq. ft (31kgs/sq. m)-granite/marble 2mm+glass 10mm
Surface Finish: Polished & Honed

Many of our thin onyx, marble and granite bonded with glass are beautifully translucent, creating an intricate and luxurious palette of colors and variations when exposed to certain backlighting techniques.

Being the premier choice of designers and architects, ThinStone-GL is perfect for both commercial and residential use with wide applications of wall panels, counters, bar tops, countertops, lamp boxes, pillars and more.

Our ThinStone-GL can be a stunning centerpiece for your interior design concept and will certainly amaze when enhanced with back lighting technology. From classic opulence to modern sophistication, our vast variety of natural stone and advance technique are sure to inspire your creativity.

Our visually impressive slabs come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials. Each piece is completely unique and can be further discerned by your choice of lighting technique, location, and intensity.

ThinStone-GL is an environmentally friendly product like no other. Sustainable and elegant design are just some of the characteristics of this beautiful stoneglass.


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